Guide to Using the Digital Bridge

The EADC Digital Bridge is an easy-to-use tool for connecting businesses and volunteers across platforms. To access the services provided by the Digital Bridge, first you must apply to be part of the program. Separate applications for businesses and volunteers can be found here.

Once you have joined, please create an account (username and password). This will allow you to post in the business team’s thread that you are part of. Once your application is approved, you will be given a password which grants you access to a business team thread. Inside this thread will be all volunteers working on creating a website for that business, the business owners, and EADC staff. This will give volunteers access to communication with business owners over layout, design, and other aspects of website creation, as well as inter-volunteer design coordination. EADC staff will be there to answer questions and moderate discussion. You will also be able to upload files to the thread for others to view.

EADC is working on integrating more forms of communication, including direct messaging options and video calling systems. For now, we encourage you to use external sharing platforms such as Google Drive or personal email to connect if you feel our platform is too restrictive. Thank you for participating in The EADC Digital Bridge.